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Custom Software Programming

If you are not satisfied with the existing programs in the market and you want one specifically tailored to your requirements, we will create the application or software program you need.

  • Application Modules (assemblies, dll, ActiveX...)
  • Intranets, web management systems and process automation
  • Completely dynamic e-Commerce macro sites (online sales)

We often work for design and communication companies developing dynamic sections and management systems for their clients’ websites.

From small applications to complete programs in:

The best technology is like Google, it seems simple but it is not.
In Distintiva we carry out complex developments in order to make your work easier.

  • .NET - C# (MS and Mono), ASP.NET, VB
  • C++
  • Java - JSP
  • PHP
  • ActionScript


We are committed to innovation, which provides competitive advantages, and we have works that can prove this, from eye tracking tools to automatic stock trading systems.