cabecero distintiva 3D

How are we going to work with you?

We think it is important that you know exactly how we are going to give you the service you are looking for. Here are the steps we will follow at the time of working with you:

  • 0. Whether you call or send an e-mail, you will receive a rough estimate in less than 48 hours.
    If our fees seem reasonable to you, we will meet with you, define the aims of the service together, and list all the characteristics of the work.
  • 1. Once we start working (after receiving an advance payment), we will begin with the “structural” outlines, considering the design of the interaction. In other words, we will show you the way the application will function through diagrams.
  • 2. Later, we will show you the finished design of the interface and the main sections so that you can see how the final result would be before continuing.
  • 3. ...and finally we will make it work, which is the process of Technical Programming and Development.
Your involvement in the process will be significant because it is necessary that you give your approval at each point in order to continue with the next one.
How are we going to work with you?