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Consulting Services

In many cases, the greatest problem is not the technological solution proposed but an inadequate business strategy.
We apply our experience to each situation individually to provide our clients with competitive advantages

Advertising and Positioning

Internet has NOT changed advertising communication concepts significantly, but it has opened new communication channels with consumers.

We will help you focus the marketing plan taking into account your competitors so that you do not spend unnecessary money in advertising.

Usability Analysis

We are specialists in analyzing a website’s ease of use and user satisfaction, in other words, its usability.

For more information, we invite you to visit, our vertical portal specialized in usability and visual communication.


We sometimes give conferences and courses at the main new technologies teaching centers.


  • Basics and approach to an e-business project.
  • User-Centered Usability and Design
  • Web Project Conceptualization and Planning

and Practice:

  • Google’s utilities to improve your websites
  • Software Protection Techniques against Crackers
  • Free .NET Developments
  • Application Development with Google Web Toolkit
  • Management and Security in Linux Networks

These are some of the training companies we have collaborated with: