cabecero distintiva 3D


  • Client: Txokoa Gestión S.A.
  • Description: Gastronomic Societies Network of Spain
  • Client: Trade Advanced
  • Description: Company dedicated to the development of stock market investment software
  • Client: Haritz Ondo
  • Description: Traditional cooking restaurant and hotel
  • Client: Webtter S.L.
  • Description: 2.0 web platform for the community of web developers
  • Client: Esencia Vital Studios S.L.
  • Description: First multiplayer role-playing strategy game 100% online
  • Client: Ergoestudio
  • Description: Consulting services for ergonomics, usability and visual communication analysis
  • Client: Invex Inmuebles
  • Description: Real estate company
  • Client: Honda
  • Description: Logotype proposal for Scoopy 125i motorcycle
  • Client: Red Hispana
  • Description: Virtual Internet community logo
  • Client: Virtual Media Point, S.L.
  • Description: Advertising company specialized in interactive shop windows and digital posters
  • Client: Distintiva Solutions S.L.
  • Description: Project for the creation of a Virtual World/Chat for the Basque Country
  • Client: Azahar Cominucación S.L.
  • Description: Advertising design and website development studio
  • Client: HispaTrading
  • Description: Website with resources for traders
  • Client: Ergoestudio
  • Description: Visual analysis tool for usability studies
  • Client: Ergoestudio
  • Description: Logo for the visual analysis tool for tridimensional environments of the company’s I+D department
  • Client: Quopiki
  • Description: Rural tourism
  • Client: HipaFinanzas S.L.
  • Description: Online bookshop specialized in Financing and Stock Market
  • Client: Gobierno Vasco
  • Description: Basque Country’s animal identification registry
Kinderkids logo
  • Client: Kinder
  • Description: Children’s clothes store
  • Client: Redes
  • Description: Logo proposal for the public business entity of registration of Internet domain names
  • Client: Grupo Jet
  • Description: Website of the new construction real estate company in Cantabria
  • Client: Glamour
  • Description: Beauty salon
  • Client: SwfdotNet
  • Description: Assembly completely created in c# for dynamic creation of .swf files (Flash) with .NET
Arabatik Logo
  • Client: Arabatik
  • Description: Logo proposal for the Association of Information and Communication New Technologies Companies in Álava
  • Client: Guay Internet S.A.
  • Description: Internet consulting by the group Guay Internet S.A.
  • Client: MGL, S.L.
  • Description: Services, General Maintenance and Cleaning
Distintiva Logo
  • Client: Distintiva Solutions S.L.
  • Description: Multimedia Design Studio
  • Client: Katja Virtanen
  • Description: Language teacher and interpreter
  • Client: Menudo Barrio
  • Description: Children’s website
  • Client: Nadour
  • Description: Unisex hairdresser’s
  • Client: Anticatering
  • Description: Catering company
  • Client: Sami Kauppinen
  • Description: English teacher and translator of various languages
  • Client: 42195
  • Description: Athletics Association
  • Client: Provocarte
  • Description: Business portal of shirts sale
  • Client: Barrasús
  • Description: DJ
  • Client: José Manuel Martínez Heras (illustrator and multimedia creative)
  • Description: Portfolio with art and designs
  • Client: Casa Dada
  • Description: Pub
  • Client: Teeth Tooth
  • Description: Dental office
  • Client: Gifmania
  • Description: Website of resources for webmasters
  • Client: Zona Francia
  • Description: French Stores Association
  • Client: Pub Aquarium
  • Description: Pub
  • Client: Kim
  • Description: Martial arts gym
  • Client: Victor
  • Description: Meat establishment