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Web Design Lost Ark

2009-01-20 | Articles

Web design 2.0, like every tendency, has its own style. It is easily recognized: gleam logotypes, big buttons, even larger headers and outstanding colors.

Beyond these fireworks, a characteristic is observed that turns out to be a web design evolution. I mean evolution because it is an improvement which shall survive potential 3.0, 4.0 and more.

The Lost Ark we have found is called Communications design.

Content precedes design

Webs 2.0 have simplified things a lot; they have a well-defined purpose and they center all their design efforts in reaching it with their users. In order to achieve it, they have focused a lot on being clear and simple and in this case, DESIGN plays a relevant role.

But still, the key is not what but rather when: the moment when we design. In these webs, it is essential to think first and to do later; to know well some tasks AND THE TEXTS which shall accompany them. Everything inexcusable BEFORE thinking in the aspect we are to create.

Unfortunately most of the times, this is not the case. To “move forwards”, designers do not have all the text content before starting work, probably because the customer has not provided them with enough time to conclude it. So, they will focus on aesthetic aspects rather than on the meaning. And this is common, because if they do not know it, all they can do is imagine it.

It is obvious that these texts were not revised either, mainly because they are not given enough importance. In exchange, a few customers shall think texts should be included in their webpage cost.

So, neither one nor the other mention this issue...and they passed the hot potato.

We should leave behind inherited customs of thinking about page structures as though they were closets where texts may then be stored.

So, focus on your message aim; then, on the content; and finally, on the way you would visually create it, but please, ¡DO IT IN THAT ORDER!

Do not decorate, communicate

Web design companies are COMMUNICATIONS design companies

Web design companies are, in fact, communications design companies. The difference is huge; our costumers ought to know it and we should remind them.

Often, both supplier and customer waste a lot of time and efforts discussing aspects about “design surface” (aesthetics). While doing this, whether the content shall be one or another is completely forgotten or left in second place.

The result may be a “tacky” web, which overuses Flash, with an improvable usability and what is worst: USELESS and highly boring.

It is usually said that “all roads are good to whom does not know where to go”. And every day, there are more web development companies which prepare quotations with the aspect of a supermarket ticket. Twelve pages, plus a form, plus an intro similar to...

Then, the result obtained may be a gazpacho while the customer instead wanted a pie. This makes sense because the recipe does not appear anywhere: it does not even exist.

Design without content is nothing

Companies need to communicate how good we are and then we should look like that even more. It is logical and it is in our nature. We do it to attract the opposite sex and we shall do it to gain new customers.

If we are called Larry Page and we turn up to a lecture dressed in a jogging suit, people will think that it is part of our genius and they will listen to us attentively.

If we do it, we will seem to be stupid. It is not fair, but it is like this. THAT is the difference between saying and communicating: to communicate effectively aspect is important.

A lovely web with poor texts is like a picture, it shall only be valuable if it is signed by Mariscal or Picasso

But we should not forget the essential factor: a lovely web with poor texts is like a picture, it shall only be valuable if it is signed by Mariscal or Picasso.

We all know how to add up, multiply and write. But we do not consider ourselves writers or mathematicians because of that.
So, let’s start by recognizing the differences and to confer the content the importance it deserves.